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Odor Eliminating Body Wipe
100% Biodegradable Fabric
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Encapsulates and Eliminates
All Odors on Contact

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A Mossy Oak
Official Licensed Product
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Encapsulates and Eliminates
Human Odor starting in the shower

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Encapsuates and Eliminates all odors
in clothing and gear - Scent Free and
UV enhancer free Formula

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Eliminates all odors from
your hands following the hunt

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Scent Kapture, LLC. is the latest technology is scent encapsulation and elimination in the outdoor industry.

How was Scent Kapture started?

Scent Kapture started as an innocent conversation at our family Christmas. My two brothers and I were telling stories about pheasant hunting trips in below freezing temperatures, and fishing trips that we took with our dad.  The three of us began brainstorming business ideas revolving around our passion to hunt and fish. I have been working in the “liquids” business with cosmetology products in the professional beauty industry for 15 years, and I started researching new technology in scent elimination liquids.  After extensive research, we found a proprietary blend of ingredients that encapsulates and eliminates odors on contact, and we began testing formulas immediately.  After much testing with feedback from other professionals and experienced hunters, we have refined the formulas to be one of the top competing and best working products in the outdoor sports industry.  Our formulas were all professionally formulated from scratch – with the hunter in mind.

What’s being said about Scent Kapture?

We receive customer feedback regularly, and we hear that the Scent Kapture products eliminate odors that we didn’t even test on.  For example, one customer was about to purchase brand new boots because his eight-year-old hunting boots had a nasty odor to them.  He began treating them with Scent Kapture Field Spray, and in a few days, the odor was gone. We’ve also been told that we are the first scent eliminator without its own “fragrance” in the bottle. Many scent elimination products claim to be scent free, but still have a recognizable smell.  We’ve worked very hard to make sure our formulas remain as scent-free as possible, and to hear that from our customers keeps us delivering quality products. We also received feedback telling us about a customer that smoked a cigar in his truck the night before hunting. When he opened the door the next morning, he claimed it was “worst cigar smell ever.”  He treated the carpets of the truck immediately with our products, and within minutes, the cigar smell was eliminated! While we’re proud of our scent elimination, it’s probably best to smoke those cigars outside of the vehicle.

What are the most popular Scent Kapture products?

Our most popular products are the Scent Kapture Field Spray, Hair and Body Wash, Laundry Detergent, and After the Hunt Hand Scrub.  After the Hunt Super Charged Hand Scrub is a product that I have had in my mind since I was a 10 years old. Like many of you know, after a long day of reeling in the big boys, it’s hard to get the smell of fish off of your hands. As a child, I was always struggling to get that smell off of me and I knew there must be a product out there to eliminate it. I never found it, so I made it!  It’s unique in the fact that it will remove the worst grime from your hands, as well as smells from skinning wild game or catching fish all day.

Who is Scent Kapture’s target audience?

Our target audience is all of the hardworking hunters and outdoorsman of North America. There are so many products out there that say one thing and do another, or do nothing at all. We’re here to show the hunters of North America that our product works and is affordable for every hunter. Of course, the bow hunters are our passion due to their proximity to the animals, but many other hunters and outdoorsman will find use for our scent eliminating system, and we have no doubts that they’ll love it.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

We’re avid hunters. We’ve believed since a young age to respect what you harvest, because if you don’t, you might not live to tell the story. And we live for the stories our customers tell about our products helping someone get closer to a memory that lasts a lifetime – that once in a lifetime deer, elk, or bear. Those memories turn into stories just like the ones that inspired us to create this business and our products.

What is your favorite hunting or fishing memory?

It’s very tough to not tell the story of my first bow whitetail kill, but this story is the one that really got me hooked on hunting and the great outdoors:

When I was 12, my dad, his best friend Marcus, my two brothers and I were hitting one of our rooster pheasant “honey holes” in southwest Iowa.  I had been and shooting at, above, below, and around pheasants in Iowa since I was eight years old.  This day was different. Dolly, our female Brittany Spaniel, went on point just over the crest of a hill that no one else could see.  I immediately rushed over to flush the bird, as I have many times with my brothers and dad in the wings. But this time it was just me and Dolly.  I crept up to where Dolly was locked on point until the rooster pheasant came busting out of the tall grass. I shouldered my Remington 1100 20 gauge, took aim, and BANG! I dropped him in one shot. Dolly, right on his tail, made the perfect retrieve to me (instead of Marcus) this time.  Everyone heard the shot and came into sight and the celebration began!  My first solo rooster pheasant, and a memory that will last forever.

My favorite fishing memory would have to be the trips that we took with my late father in the Gulf of Mexico.  For four days, my two brothers, my dad and I would become crewmembers to Larry, a professional fisherman for 30 years.  We would spend three nights in the Gulf of Mexico catching and eating all kinds of fish.  We would catch 80 pound amber jack, 125 pound warsaw grouper, barracuda, tuna, you name it.  We caught 32 species one year alone!  It was valuable time together with our Dad doing what we loved in the great outdoors, and it’s inspired us to create this business and product in memory of him, and to help hunters and fishermen make memories like the ones I’ve just shared.

Proud Member of:

Dallas Safari Club
Ducks Unlimited
Pheasants Forever
Quail Forever


Watson Airlock

Watson Airlock

How It Works

Scent Kapture Odor Encapsulating Technology attaches to odor molecules, encapsulates them, and eliminates them.

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