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Odor Eliminating Body Wipe
100% Biodegradable Fabric
Now Available!


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Encapsulates and Eliminates
All Odors on Contact

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A Mossy Oak
Official Licensed Product
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Encapsulates and Eliminates
Human Odor starting in the shower

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Encapsuates and Eliminates all odors
in clothing and gear - Scent Free and
UV enhancer free Formula

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Eliminates all odors from
your hands following the hunt

scent block

How do I use the Hand Soap for the best results?
After the Hunt Super Charged Hand Scrub is designed to be used after a day in the field or on the water.  This product was designed to remove the fish smell from your hands but can remove much more - including but not limited to tar, grease, animal remnants, and will neutralize any smell that exists.  For best results use with warm water.

Can I use the Field Spray to store my gear?
Yes.  Spray Scent Kapture Field Spray on clothes and gear before storage and in the field for best results.  We do not recommend storing equipment when it is still damp.

How much Laundry Detergent do I need to eliminate odors?
Use 1 1/2 to 2 oz of Scent Kapture Odor encapsulating Laundry Detergent depending on the size of the load to ensure scent free and UV free clothing. Store in scent proof storage following drying.

Can I use the Hair and Body wash everyday?
Yes.  You can use Scent Kapture Hair and Body Wash in the shower for body and hair to eliminate all types of odors produced by the body daily.

How far away can a deer smell a human?
Researchers at Mississippi State University found that a deer’s sense of smell, like a dog’s, can be anywhere from 500 to 1,000 times more acute than a human’s. Furthermore, scientists say that whitetails have thousands of sensitive receptors in their nostrils, which they use to sort out up to six smells at one time.

Where do I get my hunting license?
Hunting licenses and permits are issued by each state. Visit to find hunting license and permit info, as well as information on where to hunt, hunter education classes, laws and regulations and more.

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Dallas Safari Club
Ducks Unlimited
Pheasants Forever
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Watson Airlock

Watson Airlock

How It Works

Scent Kapture Odor Encapsulating Technology attaches to odor molecules, encapsulates them, and eliminates them.

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